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Elements of a Great Baby Scrapbook

Think back to the baby book that your mother put together for you.  Chances are it was a store bought book that had lines to record a lot of baby’s “firsts”, such as first smile or first word.  It also had places to tape in baby photos.  I don’t know what your baby book looked like, but mine was pretty sad!  I was the youngest of four children and I think the last thing my mom thought about was updating my baby book!  Thus, it contained more blanks than it did written information!  It truly was a sad looking book.

Reasons for Creating a Baby Scrapbook.

As a mom, you have the fun opportunity of creating a baby scrapbook and not being confined to just filling in the blanks and adding a few pictures to a store bought baby book.  Also, you can work on the scrapbook when it’s convenient for you.  When the older children are at school and your baby is taking a nap, go ahead and spend a half hour working on the scrapbook.

Another great reason for making your own baby scrapbook is that you can include exactly what you want in it.  You can get creative and include sentimental items that you’ll enjoy looking back on over and over again.  For example, your baby’s first hairclip with the tiny pink bow doesn’t have to be stored away somewhere and soon forgotten.  Carefully remove the bow and use it on one of your scrapbooking pages.

Choosing a Theme for Your Baby Scrapbook.

When it comes to choosing a theme for your baby scrapbook, there are so many fun choices!  You might want to consider using the same theme that you’re using for the baby’s nursery.  For instance, if the nursery theme is teddy bears, then include teddy bears on every page of the scrapbook in some fashion.  You might use pattern teddy bear paper for some pages and on other pages include a teddy bear sticker, photo or stenciled teddy bear.

Sometimes it’s fun to create a different theme for every two side-by-side pages.  Use stork background paper for the pages showing you bringing your little one home from the hospital.  Use baby bottle themed paper to capture the first time your baby drinks from a bottle.  The next time you’re at a craft store check out the baby scrapbooking paper themes.  You’ll find baby ducks, diapers, crying babies, rattles, pacifiers and so much more!

Elements of a Great Baby Scrapbook.

In creating such a special book, you’ll want to include items that celebrate your baby’s anticipated arrival and actual arrival, so be sure to include:  a baby shower invitation, birth announcement, copy of the birth certificate, hospital ID bracelet and other such items.

As you begin to put the scrapbook together, keep pages in chronological order.  The beauty of scrapbooking is that you can move pages around as you see fit.  Now here comes a really fun part!  You’ll want to include baby’s “firsts”.  Here are some ideas to get you started, but certainly feel free to add or delete from the list.

Baby’s “firsts”:

  • ultrasound picture
  • placed in mother’s arms
  • car ride
  • arrival home
  • outfit
  • feeding
  • bath
  • photo with siblings
  • smile
  • holding up head
  • roller over
  • word
  • toy
  • haircut


Do you belong to a moms group that gets together once a week or once a month?  If so, why not suggest that those who would like to, could work on baby scrapbooks while discussions or presentations are being held.  After all, as a mom, you surely have the gift of multi-tasking!  If you don’t belong to a moms group, maybe start up one!

Remember that creating a scrapbook doesn’t have to be done all at once.  Work on it when you’re able to find the time and when you’re in a creative mood.  Enjoy creating your baby scrapbook.  It will be a cherished book that you and your little one will enjoy for many years.

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