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Ten Tips on Creating a Special Baby Scrapbook

Congratulations!  Now that your sweet little one has arrived, it’s time to think about creating a special baby scrapbook that will be enjoyed time and time again.  Not sure how to get started?  Here are ten tips to help you out!

Tip #1.  Determine whether or not to use a baby album kit.

There are several baby scrapbooking album kits available at craft stores and online.  If you’re fairly new to scrapbooking or feel that you can’t devote a lot of time, then an album kit might just be the thing for you.  Baby album kits typically contain:

  • An adorable album book
  • Several scrapbooking pre-made pages that you add photos and written information to
  • Embellishments such as cute buttons, stickers, etc.
  • Overlays
  • Extra blank pages
  • Plastic sleeves for each page

Tip #2.  Set up a scrapbooking area.

One of the frustrations that busy moms often have regarding scrapbooking is that it takes time to get everything out and then having to put everything away.  Find an area in your home that can be designated as a permanent scrapbooking workspace.  Perhaps it is a spare bedroom, the landing above your stairs, a small desk in the kitchen or a corner of your bedroom.  The space should be large enough to house a hard service, such as a desk or table, and a two drawer file cabinet.

Tip #3.  Organize your scrapbooking materials.

Although you can purchase scrapbooking organizational materials, you can make do with items most likely already in your home.  The two drawer file cabinet will hold a lot of supplies.  If you have a lot of scrapbooking paper, use a plastic milk crate to house the paper.  Put those empty baby food jars to use!  They make great storage containers for buttons, confetti, tiny flowers, and such.  Decorate empty cans to house your scissors, rulers and other scrapbooking tools 

Tip #4.  Set aside baby items for the scrapbook.

Use a photo cardboard bin or a similar size container to keep items in that you possibly might want to include in the baby scrap book.  Such items might include:

  • birth announcement
  • hospital ID bracelet
  • photos
  • label from baby’s first jar of food
  • a ribbon or bow
  • lock of hair from first hair cut
  • congratulations cards (cut out figures and sayings from the cards)

Tip #5.  Arrange scrapbooking pages in sequential order.

You might find it beneficial to jot down ideas of what you want to include in the baby scrapbook.  An easy way of sequencing your ideas is to use index cards.  On each card write down what you want to include on one scrapbooking page.  Then you can easily arrange cards in chronological order.

Tip #6.  Keep scrapbooking pages simple. 

Sometimes it’s easy to get overzealous when scrapbooking!  However, try to keep most of your pages simple.  A person should be able to read over a page in eight seconds or less. 

Tip #7.  Work on the scrapbook when you’re inspired.

Enjoy!  Enjoy!!  Enjoy!!!  Only work on your baby’s scrapbook when you feel inspired to do so.  Scrapbooking should be an outlet and fun, not a drudgery.

Tip #8.  Embellish each scrapbooking page.

Include something small and fun on each page, such as:

  • tiny flowers
  • stickers
  • stenciling
  • buttons
  • ribbons
  • swirls made from color glitter glue
  • punch-outs

Tip #9.  Include sentimental thoughts or scrapbooking quotes.

Where possible, include special sayings or thoughts that will tug at your heartstrings each time you look at the album.  Maybe it’s quoting a sibling’s reaction the first time he meets his new baby sister or it’s a love note that your husband wrote right after your baby was born.  Be sure to look at the quotes available at craft stores as well.

Tip #10.  Remember to include dates as you scrapbook.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious, but be sure to include dates.  Instead of writing “baby’s first tooth”, write something cute like. “Baby’s first tooth makes an appearance on July 25th!”

Now that you’re equipped with ten great scrapbooking tips, enjoy creating a memorable baby scrapbook!

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